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A chandelier. Glitter. Jewelry. These are things that sparkle, that grab our attention, and nothing quite catches the eye like a diamond. Not every diamond has the ability to do that though; only the brightest can and Starborn is that diamond. Starborn is the result of 20 years of industry-leading work in maximizing a diamond’s light performance — allowing it to shine brighter than ever. A diamond’s light performance is measured by how a diamond refracts and reflects light and this is what determines its brilliance. Starborn is world renowned when it comes to light performance and the result is a diamond with impressive light dispersion. No two diamonds interact with light in the same manner and light performance allows you to understand and appreciate a diamond’s quality, characteristics, and uniqueness. Starborn is also the world’s first colored diamond to include a Light Performance Report. No colored diamond in the world has ever been cut in such a way that enhances its allure. The colored Starborn diamonds were designed to suit different personality types: A fiery red for the bold and passionate;  a sea breeze blue for the ones who are calm and imaginative; and radiant ivory white for those who favor simplicity and elegance. A Starborn is for everyone; it’s for you. 

  What sets a Starborn diamond apart from other diamonds is the way it is delicately cut by skillfully trained artisans who give each diamond an unparalleled, enthralling beauty that is truly out of this world (...out of this world because you know, that’s where stars are…). Just how the stars light up the sky, Starborn lights up a room. Whether it’s an engagement, ceremony, or special event,  a Starborndiamond pairs beautifully with any occasion. Every star in the celestial sphere is distinct, every person on earth is particular, and every Starborn diamond is unique and offers something that sets it apart from traditional diamonds and that’s its sparkle, fire, and brilliance. Starborn, shine differently. 

Made in USA Diamonds: About Us
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