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Frequently Asked Questions

Are lab created diamonds fake?

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% carbon and have the exact same chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds. FTC has recently ruled that “a diamond is a diamond no matter whether it is grown in a lab or comes out of the ground”.

Why are lab diamonds less expensive if they aren’t fake?

Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds because of the heavy cost of mining. Lab grown diamonds can be 20-50% cheaper than mined diamonds pending the offering of the 4C’s (color, clarity, cut, carat). Lab grown diamonds are a cost effective substitute to mined diamonds.

Is it easy to distinguish lab diamonds vs. mined diamonds?

Lab-grown and mined diamonds are truly the same. This means that it is actually very difficult to distinguish them apart. From the naked eye it is impossible to tell a difference and takes special gemological diamond machinery to tell them apart. The main point is that you can wear your diamond with the same smile, as it is a diamond.

Is a cubic zirconia (CZ) the same thing as a lab grown diamond?

No. Diamonds are made entirely from carbon, whereas cubic zirconia contains zero carbon! CZs are much weaker than diamonds and have different light performance meaning CZs do not look the same as a diamond mined or from a lab.

How do you grow a lab diamond?

We recreate the conditions underneath the Earth in an incubator that result in diamond growth: pressure, heat, carbon.

Today, there are two methods of growing diamond gemstones: High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) & Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Each process is best suited for certain sizes & colors of diamonds.

Are all lab diamonds flawless and perfect?

No. Because diamonds are grown by recreating the conditions of nature, lab grown diamonds have the same variations of color and clarity that exist in natural diamonds (the 4 C’s). While the average laboratory-grown diamond is better quality than the average mined diamond, lab diamonds still range across the color and clarity spectrum, just like mined diamonds.

Are lab diamonds graded by third party organizations like IGI & GIA?

Yes. Lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified by reputable non-profit gemological laboratories such as IGI, GCAL, EGL, SGL or GIA. Most of the diamonds sold by Jansen Creations have been pre-graded or graded by Independent Laboratory. Jansen Creations will always share the grading report with any diamond we offer to our clients and those reports can be verified by looking up the ID on the grading organization's web site.  Jansen Creations visually inspects every single diamond we sell for verification of its quality, and most importantly for diamond beauty. As beauty in a diamond can not be seen on laboratory report and at Jansen Creations, we strive to sell beyond the 4c's of a diamond.  

Do lab diamonds change color over time?

No. Laboratory grown diamonds do not fade, discolor so your sparkle can live on forever.

Are lab diamonds eco-friendly and sustainable?

Yes, it is sustainable to grow diamonds with abundantly available carbon and renewable energy. Growing diamonds is definitely energy intensive; however, the impact on the earth to grow diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining.

Can I Get a Lab Diamond Appraised and Insured? 

Yes. Laboratory-grown diamonds are easily appraised and insured, just like mined diamonds. Jansen Creations fine jewelry comes with a full appraisal and many of our clients choose to insure their jewelry from our insurance provider, Jeweler's Mutual Insurance.

Can I Resell a Lab Grown Diamond?

Yes. Just like mined diamonds, there is a resale market for laboratory-grown diamonds. A purchaser of a lab created diamond can expect to resell their lab diamond at a similar discount to what they would receive for a mined diamond.


Jansen Creations offers a Lifetime Trade-In for our clients who would like to upgrade to a larger diamond.

With Lab-grown diamond's being fairly new there are not as many outlets that will buy back a lab grown diamond, yet. It is important to note that both grown & mined diamonds do not increase in value over time, relative to inflation, and should not be considered a place to invest your money.  You should never expect to be able to sell your diamond for more or the same of what you originally paid for it at retail, whether natural or lab grown, relative to inflation. This is because retailers who buy your diamond from you have to be able to resell that stone for a profit. 

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